‘Here come the colouring books..’

Colouring books...check Learn to sketch book...check Gym membership...check Spanish lessons...check Fairy lights and candles...check Essential oils...check 384759 new books and journals...check So, I don't know about anyone else but I am a sucker for trying to pump myself with all things mental healthy all at once and then boom, I avoid all 97 coping mechanisms … Continue reading ‘Here come the colouring books..’

‘Loving yourself is a daily practice’

TW: Eating disorders, self-harm. Yo hey hellooo, I have been binge watching Ru Pauls drag race and it is legit the best damnn thing I am having a great time (whilst avoiding all assignments and pressing issues because avoidance is ma fav). So Ru is full of quoteables and really, just has improved my daily … Continue reading ‘Loving yourself is a daily practice’